Remembering the summer of colour

Remembering the summer of colour

I enjoyed visiting many gardens in the UK and also in France this year. One that remains clearly in my mind are the beautiful gardens at the Chateau Chaumon-sur-Loire. It houses the Centre for Arts and Nature. How can it go wrong with a title like that!

Each year a dozen or so artists, sculptors, film makers and photographers create new works in situ. The stables and rooms are transformed into exhibition halls. The gardens even without the additional art are stunning, even with the drought that France experienced this year. This event is called the International Garden Festival of Chaumont Sur Loire. Imagine the ideal home exhibition with gardens!!

Below are some photos to give you a taste of the exhibition.

Also much closer to home I have used my own garden and gardens visited as inspiration. Believe it or not it was too hot to paint en plein some days, even in North Yorkshire!

This year I have been experimenting more with acrylics combined with watercolours This has enabled me to create more vibrant artwork, although I think my first love will always be the translucency of watercolour. Below are just a few snippets of the style I have been experimenting with using brush and palette knives. I’m looking forward to showing you some of my more vibrant pieces soon.


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